About Us

http://travelengine.eu/user/ We’re a small family run business, based in Kent, who quite simply love to build new imaginative items and provide you with something truly unique, personal, exquisite and quirky that none of your guests would have seen before.

http://jamarley.com/?p=233 You may be asking how on earth someone comes up with the idea of Littlebricks wedding. Well, not so long ago we were in the same position as you… planning our own wedding. We had decided on the idea to have a childhood theme running through our big day, and we wanted just a small thing that was unique and memorable to add to it. With Lego® being a huge part of my own childhood, I thought what better thing to use in order to make something ourselves, and below was the result.




That’s right, that picture is from our own wedding, and we built a full sized Lego® Post Box which added that special something to our welcome table. And whilst it looked amazing, and the guests loved it, it wasn’t until our toast master of 19 years said he had never seen anything like it before that we had the idea that we should hire it out, and so Littlebrickswedding.co.uk was born.

Now we just love to build new things, and provide you with amazing items to add that small extra ‘Wow’ factor to your day.