Castro Can I hire more than 1 of the same item?

This may sound like a strange question. But it is one we have been asked many times, referencing in particular flowers (maybe used as centre pieces) and figurines. Some items we do have more than one, and are continually pushing to make more as demand grows, but obviously it depends on availability and how many you would like.  Send us an email at info@littlebrickswedding.co.uk to make any enquiries.

cenforce 200 mg Are the hire items also available to purchase or are they just for hire?

Yes they are, but this very much depends on the amount of notice given to when it is required by, and how busy we are. Items are made to order and each model takes a fair amount of time dependent on size. If you would like to purchase an item then contact us for prices and lead time at info@littlebrickswedding.co.uk

Anderson Can I purchase and hire items?

Yes of course. Whether you are hiring, purchasing or both, all details will be confirmed via email and confirmation form beforehand, and then an invoice sent detailing all items.

Garko Would you make a custom item?

I personally love to make new things, so by all means make an enquiry, but again it depends on a number of factors; notice given, how busy we are, the feasibility of it and cost. Being a new item, not only will it take time to build it, but also time to develop the concept to make it in the best way.

Will the Lego® models break?

Every model for hire is stuck together using strong glue recommended for plastic. If handled normally, with care, then they are strong models. However, it is Lego afterall, so if handled roughly there is the chance of the odd brick coming loose.

For items from the Lego shop we try to avoid gluing them. Lego is no fun when glued together after all, but some items may be part glued where the items are particularly weak in important areas. As a result of trying to avoid gluing on most items, some items will be delivered in parts, so some fun but simple self assembly will be required.

Do you deliver personally?

Yes we can deliver the models within a 15 mile radius of our address (we are located at Swanley in North West Kent). Please note this does not include going through the Dartford tunnel though. For the delivery service it will be charged at 60p per mile, and will be included in your invoice based on the round trip distance to your address. You are of course welcome to collect the items yourselves as well. 

What happens if I break a hire item?

This depends on the level of damage. On order you will have paid a refundable security deposit. If it is just a few bricks, then we can cope with that. If it is a lot of damage, for example if it has been dropped, then once returned we will assess if any of the bricks themselves are damaged/lost and how long it will take to repair. From this assessment we will fairly determine the amount of the security deposit to deduct.