LEGO® Wedding Postbox

With more and more people already set up and living together the need for toasters and kettles is becoming less and less, and so a more regular occurrence is to ask for vouchers or even money. This is where the Lego® wedding post box comes in and works perfectly, and we should know, we had it at our wedding (and was born from that).


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The post box is available in traditional postbox red, or traditional wedding white. It provides a safe and secure place for your guests to place their cards, and it even has a fully functional custom made Lego locking mechanism with Lego key. And even if you’re not expecting money, it’s something fun and will definitely deliver the wow factor.

And to make things even better, the price includes customised Lego initials on the front, and printed label with names, date and venue, all of which you can confirm when we send the booking form.

Price for Hire: £65
Refundable Deposit: £50

Purchase Price: Price On Asking

32cm wide
50.5cm high
30.5cm deep

buzzingly Features

Custom Initials
Fully Functioning Lego Lock & Key
Custom Printed Label (Names, Date and Location)
Find out more about how hiring our Lego® wedding post box works by checking out our how it works page, and to check it’s availability contact us where we can also answer any more questions you may have. We aim to get back to you the same day